Apex Pro Irons – 4 Big Questions (And Answers)

Jeff Newton

From the same Marketing Zoo Crew that brought you the world famous 7 FAQ on Apex Irons, comes the “4 Big Questions (And Answers)” for the premium, highly technical and ridiculously good looking Apex Pro Irons. Let’s get to it!

1. So, Apex Pro Irons. What’s the story?

The Apex Pro is a better players version of Apex Irons. It’s a premium and highly technical product (wait, we just said that) that pulls off the rare feat of true engineering advancements in the players iron category.

Some quick nuts and bolts: it’s a one-piece, 1020 carbon steel forged construction built to deliver soft, responsive feel. And we think you’ll like the feel A LOT.

2. What are some of the key technologies behind this “highly technical” iron?

Well, for starters its precision forged, has tungsten soles in the long irons, new High Performance Wide Grooves, CG height progression and, AND (!!) a thinner face for better ball speed.

The precision forged part is pretty self-explanatory, so here’s the rundown on the other features:

Tungsten Sole Inserts – As we did for Apex Irons, Apex Pro Irons feature tungsten weighted inserts in the sole of the long irons (2-5 iron).

This lowers the CG to make the long irons easy to hit, and delivers a higher launch angle. That’s a good combo right there!

New High Performance Wide Groove – With previous grooves, research showed us that Tour players and better amateurs often generated too much spin out of the rough, mostly because of their high clubhead speeds. In some cases, this caused them to lose distance and consistency so we put a lower spinning, higher launching groove in this iron.

After extensive player testing, which we did primarily out of the rough where grooves REALLY make a significant impact, we came away with a new high performance, wide spaced groove designed for more control and consistent spin from almost any lie.

Our SVP of Marketing, @HarryArnettCG busted out his best Rick Flair “Woooo!” when we told him about the High Performance Wide Groove. Needless to say he liked it!

Thinner Face – The face is about 17% thinner (than X Forged ’13) so ball speeds are up, yet Apex Pro doesn’t lose any of the sound and feel that we’ve mentioned. Speaking of feel, these irons also eliminate unwanted vibrations at impact. Very nice!

CG Height Progression – In higher irons, like a 9-iron or PW, the higher CG helps flight the ball down with a flatter trajectory, which better players typically want. As for the longer irons, the tungsten weight inserts make them more playable.

And as you probably expect, Apex Pro has a more compact shape than Apex, with less offset, thinner topline, shorter blade length and a narrower sole.

3. What Shafts Come Standard With Apex Pro?

The stock shaft is the sweet new KBS Tour V, and it’s the first time we’ve had a KBS shaft as a stock offering in our irons. This premium, mid-launch, low torque shaft maximizes energy transfer for smooth feel and faster ball speeds.

For a graphite option, UST Recoil will be available through custom order only.

4. How would you sum up Apex Pro in one sentence?

It’s a high tech forged players iron. (Bonus sentence: Boom!)

Look for the Apex Pro Irons at demo days and retail stores in early 2014. And for more on our best players iron, please visit our Apex Pro Irons page.