Arnold Palmer’s 4 Best Quotes From Our Callaway Talks Series

Jeff Newton

It’s hard to find any man in golf, or sports for that matter, more quotable than Arnold Palmer. He’s a living legend, one of the most influential people in the history of the game, and he’s got thousands of great stories to share at a moment’s notice.

We knew our exclusive interview with “The King” would be special, because that’s what happens when Arnold Palmer walks into the room.

We had the privilege to sit back and listen as Mr. Palmer graciously answered every question in our special Callaway Talks series with him, and he left us with more memorable quotes then we know what to do with. That’s why we’ve kept it simple with our 4 favorite quotes from the King.

1. The Quote: “I feel like talking to that person is the most important thing that I’ve ever done in my life.”

The context: This is why Arnold Palmer is so beloved in the game of golf. Early on in the interview, he explains how he feels every time he meets someone for the first time.

A legend like Mr. Palmer doesn’t need to make time for everybody, but he’s happy to do it, to talk about the game with the people who love it like he does. That’s what makes him The King, and it’s one of the many reasons we’re proud to have him on #TeamCallaway.

2. The Quote: “Using the Callaway equipment, the strides that Callaway has made in the last couple of years is unbelievable.”

The context: It’s scary to think about what Mr. Palmer could have done had he played with our current equipment back in his prime. He’s an adamant Callaway supporter and an equipment maker in his own right, which is why he’s so passionate about the products we create, especially our new 2014 lineup. Mr. Palmer has seen the performance in our clubs, and how they’ve helped his own game.

3. The Quote: “He was a moving guy, a very interesting person, one that produced and kept the ball rolling all the time.”

The context: The late Ely Callaway and Mr. Palmer were longtime friends, and it’s easy to see why. Both were visionaries, innovators, men who loved their work and the game of golf. In this quote, Arnold reflects on some of the qualities that made Mr. Callaway such a legendary figure in our industry, and why they became such close friends.

4. The Quote: “I think it was a wonderful thing bringing the Big Bertha back…it was something that made Callaway an outstanding company…now I think even Chip (Brewer) will be happy with the results he gets.”

The context: We’ll keep this simple – Mr. Palmer loved the original Big Bertha, and he’s fired up that #BerthasBack now. He’s so confident in our new drivers, he’s even made a bold prediction for our CEO, Chip Brewer. We love the strong words and support from The King.

You can watch all of our exclusive Callaway Talks with Arnold Palmer right now on our new Callaway page.

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