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Callaway Supersoft Yellow Golf Balls

Our Softest Ball Ever

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Features + Details

Our Softest Golf Ball

Let's get right to the point: Supersoft is our softest golf ball ever. It has a compression of only 38, which is 20 lower than some of our most popular 2-piece balls. BOOM!!!!

Super Long

This really is a super long golf ball, thanks to an Ultra Low Compression core that delivers maximum ball speed with reduced spin for increased distance. And more distance seems to make golfers happy.

Super Straight

As in: incredibly straight ball flight. The super low spin is the catalyst that makes it happen.

Callaway Supersoft Yellow Golf Balls 4.5 5 11 11
MY NEW GAMER Had the oportunity to play a full round with these. Simply put I found my new gamer. I lover the Yellow Supersoft. It is lower spin than the 2 piece Hex Diablo. They come in White and Yellow. I tried both. First time I played a yellow ball and let me tell you I’m hooked. The SS Yellow is my new ball. I suffer from a mean slice at times off the tee. I hadn’t hit a ball in 3 months so I knew my slice would show up. I was totally surprised. Not one slice. This ball goes SOOOOO STRAIGHT and FAR. And on approaches? Well it spun for me. Maybe it’s my aggressive down on the ball swing. My partners commented on its green side behaviour on my approaches. Durability. I was shocked. Considering I use Jaws MD groves and I have a very steep swing I expected to shred these. The Supersoft was brand new after 18 holes. January 10, 2014
Great ball for golfers with slow swing speeds I am 68, have a bad back, and have a swing speed in the low 80's. A typical drive for me is 195 to 215 with a slite fade. I tried the Supersoft ball for 18 holes yesterday and was amazed. The drives were 225 to 240 and dead straight. Also, all my iron shots were a club longer. Everything carried an extra 10 yards in the air. This ball is awesome and perfect if your driver swing speed is less than 85 mph. I highly recommend trying this ball. Makes playing the long par 4's fun again. Shot an 81 so my handicap should be coming down soon. April 16, 2014
amazing Just bought these and I was totally impressed with how straight and how much farther they went. Approx 20-40 yards past my other balls I was using. April 12, 2014
Great in cold weather, holds greens with lots of spin, didn't slice as much. played when temp was in the 40's,still had great distance, great to hit with my sand wedge and stuck to the greens great. My partners also got some after we played. Ball was like new when finished after 18 holes. March 27, 2014
Ball is no better than av cheap ones I am disappointed in these balls as I expected to get a few more yards distance and they do not deliver any more than I got from the more expensive hex chrome balls I am approaching 80 with a 20 handy cap I guess I can't expect much more. But there are a lot of us old timers who need to get a little more distance to keep up with the young studs September 27, 2014
Count on playing them again! I really think that Callaway has found the formula for the weekend player's golf ball. It isn't too hard on the $$$ and it can stick to green off the wedge shot or a hard hit drive onto the green.It does have straighter ball flight than most other balls in the same price range. I have found them to putt very well on fast or slow greens, with no wobble in the roll. I had good results off the driver, fairway and irons but I love to watch these going into a green from the wedge say at 30-100 yards out and stop dead. July 15, 2014
"GREAT" ball This by far is the best ball I have had the pleasure of striking. Very straight and LONG. THANKS Callaway. June 18, 2014
amazed at extra distance I found a Super Soft (yellow)(I am 61 yrs old) a couple of weeks ago. the first time off my driver I could tell it was different than what I had been using. (titlest nxt tour S). on the same hole I hit my 8 iron and flew no less than 20 yds further. I went and bought a dozen. will tell all my friends at the golf course. June 13, 2014
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