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Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The new Supersoft asks, “What do you get when you combine our lowest compression golf ball with a soft cover and HEX Aerodynamics?” A long, straight distance ball that is incredibly soft, of course.

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Features + Details

Our Softest Golf Ball

Let's get right to the point: Supersoft is our softest golf ball ever. It has a compression of only 38, which is 20 lower than some of our most popular 2-piece balls. BOOM!!!!

Super Long

This really is a super long golf ball, thanks to an Ultra Low Compression core that delivers maximum ball speed with reduced spin for increased distance. And more distance seems to make golfers happy.

Super Straight

As in: incredibly straight ball flight. The super low spin is the catalyst that makes it happen.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls 5 5 68 68
I'd pay $45/dozen for these! I received a 2-ball sleeve during a Callaway demo event. My swing speed is about 105-108 mph, so I thought the SuperSofts wouldn't be for me - I usually play a ProV1. I was surprised at how much distance I gained on my drives - about 270-280 yds with the ProV1s, was in the 290 - 315 yd range with the SuperSofts!!! And, they stop nicely on the greens. We were playing on fairly dry fairways, I would guess 25% of the distance was due to additional carry but about 75% of it was due to great rollout. The SuperSofts were also still workable, when I needed to hit a draw or a fade I was able to do so, although they seem to want to go straight - so I had to accentuate the draw/fade efforts to make the ball move. My dad also played them, he is 75 yrs old with a swing speed around 80 mph. He loved them also, his drives improved from 225 yds with a Bridgestone to about 250 yards with the SuperSoft. On the holes where there was a lot of trouble, I switched to a ProV1 because I didn't want to risk losing my SuperSofts!! The only thing that took some time to get used to was the sound off the clubface - these are very quiet, so if you like to hear a loud bang on your tee shots, you probably won't get that with these. But, the performance more than offset that in my opinion. I just ordered 10 dozen more for me and my dad to split. I highly recommend them!! January 22, 2014
Have I finally found the Holy Grail of golf balls? Well I don't know how you guys did it but I like it! Just as advertised long and soft but the amazing thing is the action off the wedges. I have tried other "soft" balls and they were that and had great distance but were not that great around the greens. Your Supersoft is very good around and on the greens. And putts very well too. Thanks guys!! January 20, 2014
Best Value AND Ball I've played Been a loyal Callaway Guy since 1997 and have played virtually every ball in since the CB1 series. This is by far the best ball I've every played and the best value. For $19.99, I can play a ball that's soft around the greens, long off the tee and putts like no other. I have Mac Daddy wedges and it doesn't cut the balls. Shot my second best score using it for the second time (78). Been a long time I've been this excited about playing. Thanks Callaway. January 19, 2014
This ball is by far the best ball ever I just love this ball the distance the fill and the way it comes off the face of the club I have never hade a ball fill so good I have been playing PRO V1 for a long time but this ball is way better after I got done with my game I went back to the club house bought a dozen of them took all my other balls out of my bag and put them in the trash I will never use a different ball love them you guys rock thank you thank you. January 27, 2014
Best Ball Let me start by saying I've tried every ball and when I say every ball I really mean every ball! So let me save you a lot of time and money and just buy this ball. I would pay double the price for this based on its performance. Long and straight to start, picked up about 15-20 yards with my driver and another 7-10 with my irons. Super soft is probably the best and most literal name for this ball, I can actually feel the ball compress especially with my mid and short iron swings. Feels like the ball sticks to the face of the club for just a brief moment and then explodes off of it. Only ball that comes close is the Wilson Duo but I've found that this ball is slightly softer on greens and feels just a bit better while putting. I don't know how Callaway did this (especially at this price) and I really don't care. If you have some kind of ego issue about playing a soft compression ball make sure that you and your ego are also ok when the two of you are 20 yards behind your playing partner. March 2, 2014
I don't understand why, but no question it works!!! I tried them, not expecting anything different than any other ball. Boy, was I surprised. This is the first ball I've played that really made a difference for me. Definitely longer both with driver and short and great soft feel. Wow! January 27, 2014
Callaway Supersoft Ball Great feel off the driver, irons, and nice soft feel off the putter. Very good spin on the wedges, stops quickly. Very good value. Fun ball to play. February 19, 2014
What a surprise! I have played ProV1 forever. Never did find a substitute. I tried cuz I don't like paying $45 per dozen. I liked the premise the Supersoft was promoted on (my swing speed is only 90 mph) plus the $20 per doz price was very attractive. I've been playing them now for two weeks. They are as advertised...long off the tee, straight, and soft around the greens with a very soft sound and feel. Noticebly soft off the putter. They do not check up and roll out like the ProV1 so it will take time practice chipping to get their distance down pat. All and all, for $20 per dozen, this one is a keeper. Oh, an added bonus I didn't expect...because they are cheaper, I don't get the negative thought of losing or sinking one when faced with a challenging shot. This means I make a more relaxed swing thereby bettering my shotmaking. I am in love! February 10, 2014
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