Behind The Scenes: It Was a Busy Day For Gooch at Callaway HQ



The question isn’t what Talor Gooch did on his tour of Callaway HQ and the Ely Callaway Performance Center. The question is what didn’t he do.

The newest member of #TeamCallaway spent a full morning swinging, filming, touring, testing and educating. And that was just part of it.

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes shots we were able to capture (look for video soon)…

Gooch and Nick copy

Expert clubfitter Nick Arthur giving Talor the lowdown inside the ECPC.


Meeting of the minds is what we like to call it.


Odyssey 2-Minute Drill-ing.


And finally, it was time for Gooch to get his licks in.


Physics, probably.

Gooch GIF 9

We’ve worked hard on this new GoPro sweep shot so you better like it.

Gooch office tip copy

Warning: Friday Office Tips are more casual than they appear.

Gooch Callaway Talks copy

Chattin’ up with Harry on Callaway Talks is generally the highlight of everyone’s visit to HQ.