Big Bertha Fairway Woods – Adjustments You Can Make

Jeff Newton

Here are all the ways you can make adjustments to your Big Bertha Fairway Woods.

We recommend that you make adjustments in the order below.

The figure below illustrates the do’s and don’ts for adjusting your hosel settings:


1. LOFT options

• stated loft (S)
• stated plus one degree (+1)
• stated plus two degrees (+2)
• stated minus one degree (-1)

The loft helps you adjust launch angle and backspin to influence trajectory. The club comes set in the stated “S” position. To change the loft, loosen the screw at the bottom of the shaft and rotate both cogs until the loft setting you want is aligned with the white hash mark on the shaft and the stated loft marked on the driver. Tighten the screw until you hear a click.

Note: Your desired loft may appear on the upper or lower cog, depending on the loft and lie angle combination.

2. LIE options

• Neutral (N)
• Draw (D)

Once the loft has been determined, hold that cog in place while you rotate the other cog between Draw “D” and Neutral “N”. This will change the lie angle and influence the starting direction of your shots.

If you want to minimize a slice or enhance a draw, rotate the lie cog to the Draw “D” position, which will make the lie angle more upright. If you want to work the ball both ways, for either a fade or a draw, rotate the cog to the “N” position.

Remember that this designation could appear on the upper or lower cog, and make sure the desired setting is aligned with the white hash mark on the shaft.

Always tighten the screw until you hear a click.

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