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From The Brag Room: Callaway Drivers Win Big


Jeff Newton

We’ve got some big awards news for Callaway, courtesy of our head of PR, Scotty G. Scotty, what do you got for us?…

Part of my job here at Callaway is to work with the people behind the golf stories you read in magazines, on web sites, on tablets or even see on TV. While the Zoo Crew will tell you I spend all day in meetings trying to get more left-handed clubs made, the truth is the earned (not paid) media stuff keeps me pretty busy in between all those meetings about left-handed clubs.

And here’s why it matters: never have third-party, independent and peer recommendations been so critical to people looking to find out what products are hot. Paid ads are great for creating awareness and demand, don’t get me wrong, but golfers are savvy shoppers and most research extensively before spending hard-earned (or gambling) money on golf clubs. And research usually brings them to earned media — the independently verified, expert approved stuff.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, we’re always excited when golf media conduct head-to-head product testing because we know that @DocHockCG and his wicked smart R&D team dream up and crank out the best products in the business. And obviously we’re always open and eager to prove that through independent testing. The annual Hot List and ClubTest are well-known examples in the industry.

mygolfspy-logoBut in this particular post I wanted to call attention to a recent head-to-head driver test on MyGolfSpy, a blog that outwardly prides itself on fierce independence in the way it operates and reviews products. MyGolfSpy calls its testing “datacratic,” stating, “We don’t care about names. We care about performance – and performance only. The best drivers in golf are determined based on the data, and not a damn thing more.”

“The best drivers in golf are determined based on the data, and not a damn thing more.” – MyGolfSpy

Well, fortunately for us, performance is right in our wheelhouse. To that end, Callaway’s X Hot Driver won MyGolfSpy’s “Most Wanted Driver – Best Overall Award” for 2013, topping 16 other drivers from 12 other companies. And while that is awesome on its own, Callaway also won 10 additional awards, more than any other golf brand.

These other awards include a first place overall award for RAZR Fit Xtreme in the High Swing Speed category and a first place overall award for X Hot in the Low Swing Speed category. If you want to check out the rankings or like to dive into the numbers and see how all of this is determined, click here.

Thanks for checking it out and congratulations to Callaway R&D. The best in the biz. Now, back to work on adding those left-handed club options… Canada, you with me?!

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