From X2 Hot To #2 In The World – 5 Things To Know About Lydia’s Win

Jeff Newton

So Lydia Ko had a good week. The (now) 17-year-old phenom celebrated her birthday and was named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world on Thursday, then followed that up with an unbelievable performance on Sunday to win the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic and move to No. 2 in the World Rankings. Boom!

Here are the 5 things you need to know about Lydia’s win in San Francisco. As you can see, she seems to like the X2 Hot lineup of woods.

1. What’s in her bag?

X2 Hot Pro Driver (8.5°)
X2 Hot 3-wood (15°)
Big Bertha 5-wood (18°)
X2 Hot Pro Hybrid (20°)
X2 Hot Pro Hybrid (23°)
X2 Hot Pro Hybrid (25°)
Apex Pro Irons (6-PW)
Mack Daddy 2 Prototype Wedges (52° with C-Grind, 60° with C-Grind)
Odyssey Tank Cruiser V-Line Putter

2. She’s striping her X2 Hot Pro Driver

Her driver is cut to 45 3/8” with 1” tipping and a DI 5R Shaft. It’s set to a Draw and a Standard Loft Adjustability. She hit 76.8% of fairways for the week. The first year Callaway Staff Pro has been using this driver all through the 2014 season. You can learn more about our X2 Hot Drivers in our Inside The Chev Callaway video.

3. Her new Tank Cruiser

She moved into a new Tank Cruiser V-Line Putter earlier this month at the LPGA Lotte Championship. It’s 33” long with a 15 gram weight in the grip and 2 15 gram weights in the head. And in her second tournament with the putter in her bag, she picked up the win by making clutch putts, highlighted by her birdie putt on the 72nd hole. Awesome!

We’ve got more on the new Tank Cruiser counterbalance in this Odyssey video.

4. Ice water in her veins

No one (17-years-old or otherwise) should look as cool and composed as Lydia does under pressure. Even when she was locked in a tight 3-player battle over the final few holes, her calm expression never changed. And when she stuck her approach shot to 6 feet on the 72nd hole…nothing. Just business as usual. It’s one of the many reasons why she’s going to be a superstar for a LONG time.

5. 17-years-old and No. 2 in the world

That’s right. With her win on Sunday, Lydia is up to No. 2 in the world golf rankings. Unreal!

Congratulations on an incredible win, Lydia!

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