X2 Hot+ Yellow Golf Balls
X2 Hot+ Yellow Golf Balls

X2 Hot+ Yellow Golf Balls

X2 Hot Ball - Aerodynamics fit for distance on swing speeds of 90 mph & above, with more ball speed, fewer hooks & slices.

Technology Specs

X2 Hot+ Yellow Golf Balls Technology Item
  • Optimized Aerodynamics For More Distance Based On Your Swing Speed

    We specifically engineered our HEX Aerodynamics to optimize lift and drag. The end result: X2 Hot increases distance for swing speeds of 90mph and below. So if you’re looking to hit it farther and your speed is at or under 90, this is your new golf ball.

  • Straight Ball Flight

    The low spin reduces hooks and slices for moderate swing speeds. Because long drives look even better when they’re in the fairway.

  • Softest Multi-Layer Design

    Maximum ball speed with exceptionally soft feel and control. That’s music to your ears if you’re a golfer. And that’s what you get from the Trionomer cover and fast tech mantle.


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