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    Women's Solaire Golf Balls

    Designed To Benefit A Woman’s Game

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    Features + Details

    A new golf ball designed to perform ideally at slower swing speeds. The soft, resilient core has been specifically formulated to provide increased carry and distance, helping recreational women golfers hit shots that fly farther than ever. The low compression core produces soft feel off the clubface and patented HEX Aerodynamics produces long, efficient ball flight. And for some style, there are two color options, 100% Pure Callaway White or High Visibility Pink. Both utilize a luminous finish that will add a distinctive flair to any woman’s game.

    • HEX Aerodynamics promotes lift at slower swing speeds and reduces drag to maximize distance.
    • The soft, resilient core provides superior feel off the clubface and around the green.
    • Women can choose either the unique 100% Pure Callaway White or the High Visibility Pink, both with the luminous finish.