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Big Bertha Drivers

Big Bertha - Our longest Total Performance Driver, faster speeds & Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for 20% higher MOI.


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Features + Details

Hyper Speed Face

Nothing short of groundbreaking – it’s lighter, hotter (of course), and more robust than ever. So we can increase ball speeds across the face in a Total Performance Driver. You probably hit it dead center every time. But even if you don’t, we have you covered.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

We’ve put our new continuous Adjustable Perimeter Weighting slide toward the rear of the club. That’s why Big Bertha has 20% higher MOI for more forgiveness AND a wider range of Draw and Fade bias options. It all amounts to longer, straighter shots. And those are good things. Very, very good things if you like outdriving your foursome.

Advanced Adjustable Hosel

Here’s the quick 3-step process. Step 1: Increase or decrease loft in 1° increments (up to +2° or down -1°) to optimize launch angle and spin. Step 2: Adjust Draw or Neutral bias to optimize shot shape. Step 3: Hit absolute bombs off the tee, maximizing distance with more accuracy. Players really seem to like step 3.

Learn more about our Advanced Adjustable Hosel

Forged Composite

It’s a high strength, lightweight crown that improbably weighs only 8 grams. And here’s what we get by saving weight in the crown: Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, a deeper CG for more forgiveness, and low spin with a lighter, more preferred swing weight. Yep, you really get all that. That’s why when you add more adjustability to a driver, you’ve got to have Forged Composite.

Premium Mitsubishi Fubuki High Performance Shaft

Big Bertha has a new lightweight, premium shaft offering from Mitsubishi, who makes some of the most trusted shafts on Tour. It’s called Fubuki Z, and it’s designed to increase energy transfer, resulting in more ball speed while delivering higher launch with low spin, with a smooth, consistent feel.

2014 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal

“Callaway has smartly enhanced its adjustable features, including the sliding eight-gram weight.” - Golf Digest


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Big Bertha Drivers 4.7 5 180 180
Unusual results Today I spent an hour testing this club against my 3 year old Cobra driver, and newest Ping,Cobra, Titleist, Taylor, and last years Taylor. After about 90 shots on the new computer simulator it was clearly the best for on or off center hits, dispersion, and feel. But here is the kicker, club head speed for all other models was 81-87 mph. The Bertha was 91-93. Launch angles at 15-17' were consistent for all as well as spin rates at 4100-4300. Bertha swing weight was 2.5 less than Titleist and 1 to 1.5 less than others. The Bertha was much better on off center hits. On those the "crush factor" when low on the Bertha still was straighter and longer than others, especially my 3year old Cobra. February 27, 2014
Big Bertha Driver Just tried our the BB Driver. WOW 15 to 20 yards longer miss hits went longer and straighter too. I'm a 15 handicap which might drop a few strokes with this new driver. I'm very excited!!!! February 15, 2014
This product was excellent from the moment I unwrapped it. Went to the range to dial this in. I have it on a standard lie, with 10 degrees of loft. Brought the slider in 2 notches towards draw and have a great overall fell and dispersion from this club. I was previously using the OptiForce and loved it. However it had to much spin. With the Big Bertha I have dropped the spin down and have greater carry. Solid feel and nice sound at impact. I know where the head is throughout my swing. Shaft has a good feel and kick point suites my needs. Overall a great club, easy to hit and dial in. March 3, 2014
excellent I was all set to buy the reviews titleist 913 when the guy was just unwrapping these. I didn't really care for the new x hot, but figured I'd give this one a try. I glad I did. Best feeling Club I've ever hit. I couldn't believe how straight, and far I was hitting it. Highly recommend trying this club before you purchase anything else. March 1, 2014
amazing club Bought the club on Sunday and played it Monday. The sound and feel of the club are great. If you miss hit it still will give good distance and accuracy. First time I hit it was off the first tee and it was great. It is by far the best Callaway club I have ever had. February 18, 2014
Amazing! Best driver from Callaway in the past 5 years! When you hit it perfect it feels like crushing a home run with a baseball bat, it's solid but still sweet and has a nice firm sound. It launches high and is extremely workable. The shaft is perfect for my swing and I am launching higher and have gained at least 10 yards. It also looks beautiful when the sun catches it just right, midnight blue bliss!!! February 24, 2014
Improved Results (Distance / Dispersion), Forgiveness and Confidence I purchased the TM SLDR driver but ended up exchanging it for the Big Bertha during the 30 day playability guarantee at GS. I compared the differences in distance and dispersion based on where on the driver face I was hitting each driver, it just came down to yes the SLDR is long but it’s not as long as often as the BB. When you don’t hit the SLDR in the lower part of the face relatively close to the center the distance penalty is a bit too much for me. The BB has a hotter face and the MOI is higher. I know there are going to be days when I need more of the cross-face forgiveness the BB has. I’m seeing distance gains due to the lower swing weight over my previous TM R1 driver with a D4 swing weight. The D2 BB gives me a 4 MPH improvement in swing speed for more length w/o sacrificing dispersion. I seem to have more control over the lighter club head too. I love the feel and the sound is awesome. The stock shaft seems well matched for this driver to me. Glad I checked out the BB as it will be a game changer for me, likely one less club to the green more often. I’ve had TM drivers since I left the original BB years ago.. glad I came back. Easily the best driver I’ve ever hit and the most excited I’ve been about a driver in a long time. March 31, 2014
Improved my game, and looked great doing so. Everything about this driver is great. With the huge sweet spot it's easy to crush the ball past the guys you're playing with. Misses really do turn out better too. But it's the adjustments you can make, and the beautiful looks and feel that really put it over the top. Well done Callaway. June 23, 2014
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