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Apex Muscleback Irons

The Apex Muscleback Irons are classically crafted, Tour inspired blades with playability in our most premium forged design, and if you're an elite player, they need to be in your bag.

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Features + Details

Tour Validated Shape

Tour Pros know what they like, and their feedback played a big role in this design. It’s a classic muscleback shape and style that the best players demand from a blade. Designed to give you the confidence to play any type of shot whenever you need to.

High Performance Grooves

The high performance wide spaced grooves are built in to give you more control and consistent spin out of a variety of playing conditions. Or to put it another way, you’re getting the best of both worlds – pinpoint shot-making and playability.

Forged Design

Our most premium forging, and it’s made from 1020 Carbon steel for the softest feel. The guys on Tour love it. This quad forged design delivers ultimate craftsmanship and precision.

Optimized Sole Camber

We put this camber on the sole of the club to optimize turf interaction from a variety of lies. It’s there to give you more playability than you would ever expect from a muscleback.


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What I was waiting for I feel these are the best blades on the market right now. They are easy to hit, extremely forgiving for a blade. Your long iron shot will fly high with ease. You will be able to shape your shots with ease! Overall, great product! October 19, 2014
Best Irons I've ever hit Received my new MB's a couple of weeks ago and after 5 rounds I absolutlely love them. I even love the fact that I didnt have to wait on them being left handed. Keep up the great work Callaway, you have a very loyal customer here!! October 13, 2014
Best irons I have ever played with Played my new set with the KBS V shaft and was totally taken by surprise by how good these are. I have had MP29''s, Diablo Forged, X Forged, and Miura's and these are by far the best on so many levels. Bought them on spec having never seen them let alone tried them and am totally happy with my purchase. September 25, 2014
Not just for pros Long irons launch relatively higher. Short irons launch relatively lower = brilliant workability. Pro highly recommended apex or apex pro given my 18 handicap and have only been playing golf 6 months. I went against advice because mb's were the best looking by far and I knew I was a good striker of the ball. If confident at address get them, awesome, the best. November 30, 2014
Everything you would ever want from a blade -- and so much more. So, these were the first club in my life I've bought without ever hitting. Having set one down at a demo day, but being too injured to hit them, they looked THAT good. So I preordered them, and began the agonizing process of waiting. Finally, they came. And wow, they're incredible. The first thing you notice when you hit a ball is how they manage to be both incredibly buttery, but remarkably solid at the same time. About 5 minutes later, when you're done staring in awe at these clubs, you'll hit your second ball. On this one, you might notice how easily they get the ball of in the air, without ever a thought of it ballooning. So then you'll get a few more balls hit in your first bucket, and probably be aware of how absurdly consistent these blades are. They do exactly what you tell them to do, and nothing more. There isn't any variance in these clubs. You put a 5 yard cut swing on it, and it will cut 5 yards. Not 6, not 4, 5 yards. Every time. These clubs are not leaving my bag at any point in time in the next 10 years, and the incredible feedback they give have made me a substantially better ball striker. My only question is: Where does Callaway go from here? November 29, 2014
Purest Irons I have ever hit I am just astonished on how pure these irons are for a blade. I have been playing a callaway iron for almost 5 years now..since I was 10. I just made the switch from the X Forged over to these and got fitted for them and I absolutely love them. These are obviously geared towards the better player, one wanting workability, versatility and feedback. The look of the iron at address is gorgeous with the satin finish and for a blade it is truly a "forgiving" blade. I love the trajectory control I have with these irons and especially the ease at keeping the ball at a more boring flight for the short irons and being able to throw the long irons up in the air. November 24, 2014
Wow ! Best clubs ever ! Period ! Being a lefty its the only way to go . Again Callaway is the only company with Quality Callaway , You should be proud of the workmanship . Great clubs easy to hit blades that fly farther than you advertise . Tell them less and give them more ! This company is outstanding when it comes to quality control with Left handed equipment November 15, 2014
Best blades ever. I have played blades forever. Yes, that is a long time. I am 69 with a 3 handicap and can honestly say that this club reminds me of how playable the old Hogan and Mizuno blades used to be. Bravo to Callaway on this great modern golf club. October 8, 2014
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