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    Get Up and Down From Anywhere. The MD3 Milled Wedges have 3 grinds and 3 grooves to give you the versatility for every shot, course condition and swing.
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    Available in Left-handed

    3 Grinds For Every Shot, Every Condition and Every Swing

    Progressive Groove Optimization

    Advanced Shaping and Design

    A Wide Array Of Custom Options

    New 50°, 52° and 64° Lofts

    Custom Fitting

    Wedge Selector Tool

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    News + Buzz
    Date: 25 Oct 2016

    Callaway Customs FAQs

    UPDATED (4/27/17) – This page has been updated to include the new Driver and Golf Ball customizations. We’re guessing there are gonna be a few questions about our newest, coolest product initiative, Callaway Customs. In an effort to be as helpful as possible, we put together this list of what we think will be the most common questions.
    Date: 3 Feb 2016

    How Different Wedge Grinds Can Save Your Short Game

    Renowned club builder Roger Cleveland discusses all the wedge grinds Callaway offers and explains which grinds work best for different shots. Check out our full arsenal of MD3 and PM-Grind Wedges
    Date: 24 Jan 2016

    MD3 Milled Wedge Review: ‘A Must Buy!’

    The following was taken from the Callaway Community Product Testing Thread. It was written by member GarrettF72ec. *Make sure you’re signed up for the Callaway Community to be eligible to test new product BEFORE any other golfer. Date Tested: 8/8/15 – 8/10/15 Loft(s) & Grind(s) Tested: 60* S Grind Handicap Index: 5.5 Testing Conditions: 8-8-15: Driving range – humid
    News + Buzz
    Date: 24 May 2016

    New Lofts & Grinds Added to MD3 Milled Wedge Collection

    You asked for ’em, you got ’em! With 50° and 52° in a W-Grind, and a 64° in a C-Grind, golfers now have even more options to get up and down from everywhere. Here’s what you need to know about our new MD3 Milled Wedges… Go Flag Hunting With Your Gap Wedge By adding a W-Grind
    Date: 27 Oct 2015

    Amazing Office Trick Shots W/ The Bryan Bros

    The NBA season officially starts today and to celebrate, we called up our friends George and Wesley Bryan (a.k.a. the Bryan Bros), gave them a couple MD3 wedges, a basketball goal and a foam golf ball and told them to do something awesome. (They delivered.) Behind-The-Scenes: Bryan Bros & Paige Spiranac At 2016 Callaway Ad Shoot
    Date: 29 Sep 2015

    How To Confidently Play a Lob Shot

    In EP 3 of MD3 Wedgeducation, Roger Cleveland demonstrates how to make a confident swing when faced with a difficult lob shot. MD3 Wedges: Photos | 3D Images | Specs | Pricing
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