Mack Daddy 2 Chrome

Mack Daddy 2 Chrome Wedges combine Tour feedback and feel with aggressive grooves in an unparalleled scoring club.

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Features + Details

5V Groove Pattern

39% larger grooves create 25% more spin on shots hit out of the rough.

Laser Milled Micro Grooves

Laser Milled Micro Grooves increase surface roughness for more spin and control.

Tour Tested Shape

Inspired by our most popular wedge on Tour, the Mack Daddy 2 Wedge is available with custom sole grinds for enhanced performance.

Finish Options

The Mack Daddy 2 Wedge is available in two finish options, Chrome and Slate. The Chrome Finish produces a smoky, muted look that helps reduce glare. The Slate Finish is designed to oxidize over time for a distinctive look.

2014 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal

“This series is the company’s most complete wedge line to date.” - Golf Digest


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Mack Daddy 2 Chrome 4.8 5 39 39
The Mack Daddy of Wedges I tried out a lot of wedges this year and none of them had what this one does. It has a great weight and feel to it when you’re swinging it or just holding it in your hand. I liked the control I had over every detail of my balls flight with this club. It’s easy to manipulate the face and still feel comfortable at address. Do you miss the center of the face when striking the ball? Don’t worry this club has some forgiveness to it. It really powers through the rough grass and the ball still comes out soft if you want it to. Also plays great from really tight lies too. I like them so much I wish Callaway made Mack Daddy Irons! August 4, 2013
Don't get stuck chasing a name... I purchased the 52 degree wedge (eventually bent it to 50 deg) hoping to find that perfect 100yrd club, something I could use anywhere I wanted from the fairway for short shots. I tried it for a while and then bought a 50 degree Titleist SM4, but wound up back with the MD 2 because it just felt so much better. Soft but solid with plenty of bite with even half shots, only a forged stick feels that good. Since then, I've added the 56 (bent to 54) and hope to soon have the 60... Try these out before chasing a name, do your research and give these wedges a chance.... you won't regret it... September 3, 2013
An excellent club for my approach from 110 yards out. This club gave me a choice of clubs to make my approach from 100+ yards. Prior to making this purchase I was attempting to adjust the use of my 9 iron to make the shots. This club provides me with the distance and accuracy to get the ball up and hit the green. June 30, 2014
with the new version mack daddy 2, i came back from using cleveland wedges Needed the 47 degree to fit in between my approach wedge and my sand wedge. additionally, I have the new big bertha driver (10.5 degree) and the 3 and 5 fairway woods. Fantastic clubs. I changed the shaft on the Bertha to an Aldila maximum regular shaft and the performance is outstanding. May 25, 2014
The most versatile wedge out there. I've tried 5 different brands/types of wedges in the last 6 years, and these are by far my favorites. I've had Taylormade, Cleveland, Mizuno (MPR-12), and Titleist-Vokey (SM4) wedges but only Roger Cleveland's Mack Daddy 2 has given me the all around performance I've been looking for. I started with the 60*, but own four of these now (47/11S, 52/08S, 56/14C, 60/14C) . I have the capability to control the spin, the height and distance of every shot with these wedges, even if I don't always exercise that ability. I highly recommend working with a good golf pro, or club fitter, to make sure that you have the right lengths, lofts, lies, bounces and grinds, but also the right shaft. My pro had me grade my shaft flex, or "softness" as he calls it, from my 47* (XStiff 130g) down to my 60* (R-flex 125g). It made a huge difference in my touch and the feel of the club in my short game. May 21, 2014
Nice club Bought the MD2 attack wedge and sande wedge. Well constructed clubs; easy to hit. Only comment ito make s the clubhead has a "light" feel to it, so it you like a wedge with a "heavy" clubhead feel then this is not the club for you. May 12, 2014
Amazing spin. Very easy to hit a variety of shots. Perfect for around the greens even in the rough. It doesn't get better than this wedge. I just wish they would offer it with a lower degree of bounce. 10 is a high bounce and I play a mid bounce but I made the exception on my 52* but I can't get away with that high of a bounce with my 60*. They offer 10-14 degree of bounce while other company's offer 4-12 ish. So they excluded a huge group of people which doesn't make sense. Most people play an 8 bounce. And I called to see if I could custom order a mid bounce set but they said no surprisingly quite rudely. Other than my problems with the high bounce this is the best wedge and anybody would fall I love with it if they try it. I can reach 10,500 rpm with the 52* wedge witch is 3,500 more than I could reach with the vokey sm4. So all in all this wedge is perfect for anybody. January 12, 2014
Great feel and looks..... at first. When I first took the club out of the wrapper I thought, this has to be the prettiest wedge I've ever seen. Great looks on the face with the satin. The back of the club looks really good especially with the Callaway logo popping out. But after a couple of weeks it looks like I've had it for a couple years. The face marks really easy and the sole is already starting to scratch up. It even looks like the grooves are starting to wear out. I had the Jaws Slate before and it doesn't look nearly as bad as this one so maybe the Slate is better for the Mack Daddy also. Very soft feel of the face and a really nice sound when you hit it pure. If you don't mind the worn looks on the face these wedges are definitely worth buying. August 10, 2013
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