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    Life On The Pirate Ship

    Golf? I Don’t Got Time For That!


    Rhiona Sullivan

    I’m writing this on February 28, 2014. That’s right, it’s the end of FEBRUARY in 2014. How. The Heck. Did That. Happen!?

    I am not going to make excuses, as it’s been more than two months since I last wrote this blog. But, maybe just one side note, that might constitute as an excuse. Is that ok?

    It’s been a long few months in my world. Work, life, sickness, travel, moving, changes… I know we all go through these life obstacles, so it’s not uncommon; it’s just hindered and all but wiped out my ability or free time to practice the game.

    Such a bummer! But I am gong to do what I always do. Live in a world of make believe and pretend there is a perfectly logical reason I haven’t played golf. What…. could… that… be?

    Oh yes! In support of all my weather challenged friends, I’ve put myself in your shoes and abstained from golf… because the weather hasn’t allowed me to play. Sorry for all those people that read this and get instantly angry. I know I should play in your honor. Next year, I promise.


    Thanks Chuck for the lovely weather shot

    Thanks Chuck for the lovely weather shot


    Post #TheGranddaddy, my Dad came for a visit from good ole Arkansas – shout out to @HashtagChad. Good people hail from there!


    My Dad and my nephew, Chance.

    My Dad and my nephew, Chance.


    We hit the range a few times, played at the club and spent the majority of his visit talking and breathing golf. It was good for me. Good for him. We even got in a mini-putt round with my 6-year-old nephew. He “beat” me and then went home to tell Nana that he couldn’t believe he beat Aunt Rhiona because she works for Callaway.


    My nephew, Chance is pretty cute. We don't look related at all, do we?

    My nephew, Chance is pretty cute. We don’t look related at all, do we?


    My Dad and I have always been close but over the last few years, golf has brought us closer together. It’s funny – he didn’t play much when I was growing up.

    In fact, it wasn’t until I started working at Callaway that he actively took up the sport again, and it has since created a strong bond that keeps us connected across the miles. Hey Dad, if you’re reading this, just agree with me, ok? :)

    Golf can do that though, right? Create and establish bonds – with friends, family and even strangers to some extent.

    {And this is how a blog gets completely off topic… for a reason}

    Since I haven’t picked up a club in far too long – please time change, come quickly, I need the #RiseandShine9 back in my life – I’m going to spend the next paragraph talking about the people that I’ve befriended along this journey of learning to play golf.

    It’s amazing the encouragement and compliments you receive from people you only know through the shared love of the game.

    I wouldn’t call myself an athlete (if anyone that truly knows me is reading this, they’ll chuckle) so I can’t really speak for other sports. But never in my life have I felt such a sense of community amongst the passionate influencers as I do in the golf industry.

    I enjoy every person I’ve met on this incredible road… the ones that have all but disappeared, hey @DevSweater, I’m talking to you. Or the ones I can always count on to respond, that’s right @wcuebas, #themostreliablemaningolf.

    Or the steady stream of you all that liven up my daily conversations – @chpar453, @drakegolf, @Jminis13, @RDGolfMedia , @ramon_ware and many more…you guys make my job more enjoyable. You make me laugh. You make me appreciate golf, and golfers.

    Setting my intentions for this next month – that’d be March 2014.

    Let’s play some golf. My trunk clubs are ready. I’m ready.

    @Xarraan, if you can go ahead and think about this blog again in two weeks, it’d be greatly appreciated. I need a subliminal kick-start.

    Next installment, I am playing some golf and I’m going to tell you all about it.





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