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    HEX Chrome+, HEX Hot and HEX Black Tour Win Hot List Gold Medals


    Jeff Newton

    The HEX Chrome family, HEX Hot family, and HEX Black Tour each won gold medals and led the charge for Callaway Golf Balls in Golf Digest’s new 2013 Golf Ball Hot List Edition.

    While HEX Chrome+ was recognized for its 4-piece performance and dual core construction, the HEX Hot offerings earned praise for their fast ball speeds, and HEX Black Tour stood out for its well-rounded 5-piece design.

    We’ve seen the performance for both these golf balls on Tour and heard tremendous feedback from players like you who use them on the course. Now the Golf Digest equipment team has gone to great lengths to give the full details on our golf balls.

    Here’s what they had to say:1HEX Chrome+

    Gold Medal Winner

    Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The 4-piece Chrome+ has a soft inner mantle that activates the dual core for added speed…(and) a thermoplastic urethane cover for spin around the greens.”

    Their Verdict:

    “Tour worthy…Chrome+ is designed for faster swing speeds”


    2HEX Chrome

    Gold Medal Winner

    Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The 3-piece Chrome has a low compression core for increased driver ball speed, and… a thermoplastic urethane cover for spin around the greens.”

    Their Verdict:

    “Tour worthy…Chrome is for average swing speeds”


    3HEX Hot

    Gold Medal Winner

    Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The HEX Hot has a soft and thin Surlyn mantle that is designed to increase ball speed.”

    Their Verdict:

    “The HEX Hot is designed for maximum ball speed”


    4HEX Hot Pro

    Gold Medal Winner

    Tech Talk From Golf Digest:  “The HEX Hot Pro has a soft but fast ionomer mantle that lowers spin.”

    Their Verdict:

    “The HEX Hot Pro offers more feel around the green.”




    5HEX Black Tour

    Gold Medal Winner

    Tech Talk From Golf Digest: “The soft inner core and firm outer core have a wide compression difference to yield lower spin on tee shots and more spin on wedge shots…The cover is slightly thicker than previous Callaway Tour balls for enhanced feel.”

    Their Verdict:

    “A well-executed combination of technologies answering all questions good players have.”



    Now we want to hear from you…which of these golf balls have you played? And what can you tell us after playing HEX Chrome+, HEX Hot, and/or HEX Black Tour? Leave us a post in the comments section.

    For more info on all of our golf balls, please visit our golf balls home page.

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