Hot List Highlights: X Hot Hybrid Voted Performance Leader, New Products All Win Gold

Jeff Newton

Callaway was ready to #bringit this year with another dominating performance in Golf Digest’s Hot List Issue. Among the many accolades we received, X Hot Hybrid was voted the category performance leader for hybrids and all of our new products were awarded gold medals.

X Hot Hybrid earned a 5-star rating for performance, the highest possible rating, and was recognized for its distance and versatility. Golf Digest said it “provides a big hit” and that “the club work(s) out of a variety of lies.”

Here are Callaway’s biggest highlights from the Hot List Issue:

X Hot Hybrid (Performance Leader – Hybrids)1

What They Said:

“I tried to mis-hit a few, but either there’s a huge sweet spot, or I just couldn’t miss. I’m thinking it’s the sweet spot.”

Voted the performance leader for hybrids by the Hot List panel. Needless to say, we’ll take it!

RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver2

What They Said:

“It delivers one of the most powerful blows of the drivers I’ve tested.”

Earned 5-star ratings in the performance and innovation categories. The Hot List panel was particularly impressed with the driver’s Speed Frame Face Technology.

X Hot Driver3

What They Said:

“The feel at impact is that the face is actually flexing. That was sweet.”

Here’s the final word from the Hot List editors – “Adjustable and lightweight with a draw bias: X Hot is the adjustable driver for the masses. The X Hot Pro’s open face angles are what better players want.” Well said, Hot List editors. Well said.

RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Woods4

What They Said:

“The ball explodes off the face…You just turn behind it and swing, and the ball will go.”

The adjustable RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Woods received high scores in the performance, innovation, and look/sound/feel categories, and Golf Digest was taken by the “impressive” faster face.

X Hot Fairway Woods5

What They Said:

“Every shot just zipped off the face.”

Hot List called it “a fairway wood with driver-like face properties” thanks to the Speed Frame Face, and also noted X Hot’s huge distance and great turf interaction.

X Hot Irons6

What They Said:

“A lot of game-improvement clubs balloon the ball. These don’t.”

X Hot Irons received a 5-star performance rating, and player testers praised the turf interaction and low center of gravity.

X Hot Pro Irons 7

What They Said:

“In other words, this is a players iron that is very playable.”

X Hot Pro Irons earned a 5-star performance rating, and Hot List emphasized their awesome combination of distance, forgiveness and workability.

X Forged Irons8

What They Said:

“These would look sweet in the bag, but the fact that I could move the ball left or right at will is what really impressed me.”

Stating that “the craftsmanship is nearly flawless”, Golf Digest discussed how the Triple Net Forging Process produces tighter tolerances. The Hot List panel also loved the dependability from these player irons.

RAZR HL Hybrid Set 9

What They Said:

“Stylish but with plenty of heft behind it. It felt like I was throwing darts…”

RAZR HL Hybrid Set received 5-star ratings in the performance and demand categories, and the Hot List panel highlighted the increased MOI for better performance on mis-hits.




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