New Apex Irons – 7 FAQ You Want To Know

Jeff Newton

Happy Apex Irons introduction! You might have some questions, and we’ve got answers. Here’s a fun Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet we’ve put together with our R&D team to get you up to speed. For a more in depth look at the technology and specs behind these new irons, go visit our Apex Irons page now!

What’s the big idea for Callaway’s new Apex Irons?
Conventional wisdom has dictated that you can’t have extreme, radical performance in a forged iron. With Apex, the conventional wisdom couldn’t be more wrong. Now the paradigm has changed; Apex gives you distance and performance in a stunning forged iron design built to fit a wide range of players and handicaps.

Could you sum up the new Apex Iron in one sentence?
It combines technical power with the feel, precision and beauty you get with a forging. Boom!

If you want even more succinct: ultimate in forged performance. Double boom!

What are the most important features in Apex?

This is a technology driven iron at heart. The face material is actually the Carpenter 455 material we use in our X Hot Fairway Woods. So it gives Apex the ability to make the ball go fast. Very, very fast.

The technology is just one key piece, as the premium forged body gives Apex a look and feel that was once reserved only for players irons.

Ultimately, what makes Apex a first in golf is that it combines forging with technology and performance. Here you have a forged iron that is very long and also has the performance characteristics of a forged iron, in terms of the soft, responsive feel and the look that you get from a forging.

Good to know. Are there any other key features?

apex newOf course. For starters, the lightweight face allows our amazing R&D team to reposition weight low in the iron. By using a tungsten insert in the sole to lower the CG, we can improve launch angles of the low irons in the set (3-5) and add forgiveness.

So the combination of a high strength, lightweight face insert and this tungsten sole to lower the CG promote better ball speed performance and mass properties in Apex compared to the experience with an all stainless steel Game Improvement iron. This combo allows us to launch the ball at the right angles and spin rates for every iron in the bag.

One last point – the groove in this iron is a wide-spaced groove. It’s our first iron to use this groove, and it gives increased spin out of the rough for average golfers, who typically need to generate more spin on these shots.

What about critics who say there’s no way to make a forged iron a high performance iron?
Here’s how our SVP of Marketing, Harry Arnett might address that: “Well, people didn’t think we could go to the moon before we did that, either.” Our Callaway R&D team sees this area of iron development as a rich space to offer incredibly fast ball speed and distance in a beautiful forged iron package. What can we say? This iron is for real.

What sets Apex apart from what the other companies have out there right now?
We would first and foremost encourage you to try Apex against any other iron out there, including the ones with a pocket in their sole, to see the performance for yourself.

We use the same face insert material we use in our X Hot Fairway Wood forged cup face to give you a lot of ball speed, and what continues to set Apex apart is how we convert that ball speed to distance along with the technology we’ve outlined. And on top of all of that, it’s just a beautiful iron.

So basically this iron seems tough to categorize…
Apex changes the previous “rules” for forged and distance irons by making them into one, so yes, it can be really tough to categorize. It certainly doesn’t follow the expected progressions you might expect in the Game Improvement category.

If anything, it’s a longer, more attractive cousin to the Diablo Forged, which originated a category for high performance forged cavity back irons. So there you go.

Got any other questions on these new irons? Tell us in the comments section and we’ll get you an answer.

And again, for a more detailed look at the ultimate in forged performance, take a look at our new Apex page, featuring videos, info, and insights from our product experts!

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