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    Rhi-Peating Swings – The (Current) Middle


    Rhiona Sullivan

    A lot has happened since golf and I broke up for the first time in 2009. We took a few years off and rekindled our romance in the summer of 2011, only to break up before the end of winter.

    It was a gradual phase out, if you will… we started seeing less of one another. I stopped visiting when I needed to relax. We grew apart. But there were no hard feelings, and by May 2012, I was ready to commit myself back to golf but I didn’t know where to start. Do we begin again? Erase all the things that had happened in the past and start fresh?

    We sure do. 

    So I filled my bag with various clubs, trying to find my perfect match, and I set out to learn how to golf thanks to my good friends at Callaway and a little thing called Thursday night golf league.



    I have 3 drivers, 3 types of irons and my White Hot XG #7. My putter and I were definitely in LOVE.

    It’s basically a deal we’d worked out with a local golf course (shout out to Encinitas Ranch for the hook up) for Callaway employees and friends to play after work at discounted rates.

    With my friends, Skye and Brad, we started a Thursday night routine.

    430-5pm tee time, play 9 holes and eat burgers afterwards. There was no judging, no instruction.

    Just three friends on a course chasing a white ball, listening to music and dancing (there is always dancing in my world).

    It was through these Thursday night outings that I was able to get comfortable swinging in front of people. Even bad swings didn’t matter. We were just having fun. Now, I can’t say my game was improving but I can say that I was learning to navigate a course.






    Thursday night golf shenanigans with a side of Dufnering.

    Thursday night golf shenanigans with a side of Dufnering.

    When to pick up and move along, how to accept that I wasn’t going to be a perfect golfer overnight and more importantly, if you surround yourself with good playing partners, even the worst rounds can be amazingly fun.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am competitive, but I also know when to give myself a break and golf was/is one of them.

    A solid year of playing consistent golf – not to be mistaken with a consistent game, just playing often – and I was ready to take our relationship to the next level.