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    Rhi-Peating Swings: #TheGrandaddy


    Rhiona Sullivan

    You know what’s really hard? To write a blog about learning and playing golf when you never actually get out to PLAY. Talk about challenging, my friends.

    My golf bag spent the month of November in the trunk of my car. It judged me every time I strategically placed grocery bags around it, and then shut the trunk without even saying hi. It may seem impossible to be guilt-tripped by an object but that’s the world I live in.

    photo (11)


    November came and went. No golf. (If you’re counting, that’s three solid months without playing golf).

    December 9th came, and I found myself on a bus headed to Palm Springs to play in my first competitive golf match. This ought to be a hoot.

    Here are some things you should know about me:

    -I get nervous talking to people I’ve known for years if the subject isn’t something I’m well versed in.

    -I actually really don’t like to talk that much in general.

    -Playing golf in a twosome with the possibility of being paired up with another twosome is my nightmare and causes me much anxiety.

    -I had never been so nervous to play golf in my entire life as I was on that bus ride out to Palm Springs.

    Luckily, Kevin (@T2GRN18) and Paul (@pkieldog) from The Hacker’s Paradise kept my mind off the coming matches by talking about work, life, their golf experiences and how much they’d enjoyed the trip thus far. Championship belts were passed around, trophies were on display and snacks were consumed. By the time we arrived, it was like we were one big team!

    Tuesday morning, after a night filled with some delicious food and choice wine selections (Seth @sdiamondATL – you’re my wine enthusiast equal. Don’t you ever change!) – we headed to the fabulous Hideaway Club for what would be the time of our lives, but that morning it felt like I was walking the plank. I mean seriously guys, I am supposed to compete and help my team win. It’d been so long since I last played that even the clubs felt awkward in my hand.

    After hitting 10 balls on the range I knew it was going to be a LONG, LONG day. Group picture followed by a group huddle and we were off for Match Play.


    #TheGrandaddy Crew

    Jason (@jasonfinleycg) and me against Kevin (@T2GRN18) and Taylor (@texashacker34). What a blast we had.

    Thanks to our member host, Dan and our caddy, Kurt we tore up (not in a bad way) that Dye Course and played a match to remember.

    After I stopped shaking (about the 3rd hole), I was able to get into a semi-good stride and made forward progress, even sneaking in a win on a couple holes (thank you handicap)!

    Jason is about as consistent of a player as I’ve ever seen (outside of professionals), so to say that he carried our team would be an understatement.


    Teeing Off #3 @Dye Course

    Highlight of the first 18? After Jason and I had won the match, we still kept playing for fun.

    I decided to hit from the back tees on a PAR 3 and proceeded to almost drive the green! #BOOM

    The afternoon was a 9-hole Pinehurst format. Again, it was Jason and me against Kevin and Taylor.

    We were coming off the high of our morning round and continued the fun times on the Clive Course. I was hitting my driver pretty well, and again, my partner was clutch in our win.

    Highlight of the 9-hole Pinehurst? Sticking my tee shot on the green on a short PAR 3 after Jason landed his in the flowerbed. #BOOM


    Singles matches crew. #Goodtimes

    Originally I wasn’t set to play on Wednesday.

    Harry was on his way out as we were finishing up on Tuesday and he was scheduled to play in the singles matches.

    Thanks to the pro, Matt (@mwoodpga) I was able to tag along with a foursome and play… Just. For. Fun. #myfav

    I was lucky enough to play with Paul (@pkieldog) and Dan (@DGreg7) from THP, and Greg (@GregSabellaCG) and Pete (@heypeteCG) from my team.

    My goal was to have fun, and even though I hadn’t played in so long, I was able to pull off a PAR on the front 9 AND back 9. It was AMAZING.


    Totally Par’d this hole…

    I guess I need to wrap up this long-winded blog.

    My golf game surprised me this past week. I really didn’t think I had it in me but I guess I did, and I do.

    The guys from THP, including Josh (@hackersparadise) and Morgan (@THPgolfergal), were unbelievably awesome.

    The bus ride was smooth, the dinners and drinks were entertaining, and golf, well golf was about as fun as it can or ever will be.

    Golf. What a great game.

    Thank you #ZooCrew fellas, and The Hackers Paradise group… you’ve inspired me to play more golf. In fact, I even hit the range on Sunday.

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