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Life On The Pirate Ship

Rhi-Peating Swings: #TRS2014ZC9HSMC #YSTCIO


Rhiona Sullivan

I am flying somewhere over Texas on my way back from the great city of Orlando, Florida. {Be jealous!} We hosted a #KingsOfDistance event at the Annika Academy ­ (more on that and my Orlando trip later)­ and @HarryArnettCG was kind enough to buy me an Annika Academy zip up because I was freezing at the event.

Airplanes are also freezing so I am currently bundled up in my new zip up. While boarding the plane, a gentleman in first class saw the logo on my sleeve and stopped me.

photo 2

The world famous zip up!

First Class Man: “You were at the Annika Academy?”

Me (on my way back to 25C; okay, 9C but 25C sounds much better for this story): “I was, ­ it’s a great place.”

First Class Man: “I would love to go there. What’s your handicap?”

Me: “High!”

GOLF!! Right?!

Anyways, that has nothing really to do with this blog except setting up the next installment of Rhi-Peating Swings (which is almost done and coming soon!)

ICYMI, we kicked off The Rhiona Sullivan 2014 ZooCrew 9-Hole Simulator Match Play Championship You Should Totally Check It Out a couple weeks ago. If you want to talk about this event on Twitter, you’ll need these handy hashtags #TRS2014ZC9HSMC #YSTCIO because that’s a lot of words, folks.


I told you all I’d start playing more golf before the next blog. Simulator golf counts, right?! If I am being completely honest, I was pretty terrified I’d get knocked out in the first round. I hadn’t swung a club since late December and I was up against @HashtagChad – unlucky draw, for him, as it turns out.

Since we kicked off the first match – @sdrhicg (ME!) vs. @hashtagchad – on the Thursday of the WGC-Cadillac Championship, we opted to play the back 9 at Doral. Apparently, simulator golf sets up well for my game. And because my handicap is high I received a lot of strokes. Sorry Hashtag!!

We went into a playoff hole after I blew my 1UP lead on the 18th and so we started back at 10 and this is where I found my fairway-fairway-fairway-fairway-green rhythm and Hashtag found the water-water-done rhythm! I was the first #BracketBuster of the tourney.

More were in store over the course of the week and here’s where we currently stand:


@HeyPeteCG edged out @ScottGorylCG in their match. So you can go ahead and pretend his name is in round 2 of the Sadlowski bracket!

Round 2 starts next week when we’re all back from our travels! I’m excited about my match against @LukeWilliamsCG. I’ll be rocking the #pantsofintimidation and getting 2 strokes a hole. Course TBD but I think I’ve got this.

Rhiona simulator

Check back soon for my Orlando trip recap. It’s a good one.

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