They Said It: Quotables from Solid 35 (Episode 3)


AJ Voelpel

Callaway Media Productions’ most recent Solid 35 podcast featured hosts Harry Arnett (@HarryArnettCG) and Nick Raffaele (@NickRaffaeleCG) chattin’ up none other than super caddie Mike “Fluff” Cowan and Callaway’s own Luke Williams (Sr. Director, Instruction & Fitting).

Below are some of our favorite exchanges and where you can jump to find them on the podcast. But you should probably take our advice and listen to the whole thing.

Harry: We need a new name for this format Nicky, I think that’s the bottom line. Is it a podio? That sounds awful, I don’t wanna call it a podio. Is it a streamcast? A radiocast? Streamcast is not bad.
Nick [very matter-of-factly]: A radio-od.

Harry: Almost 40 years on the PGA Tour. Does it feel like 40? Does it feel like 80? 180?
Fluff [chuckles]: No, I don’t know. I guess in reality it feels like 40! Which is about 39 longer than I thought that I’d probably do it.

Harry: Tell us a little about what makes for a good caddie on the PGA Tour today?
Fluff: Well I suppose there’s more to it than what I’m about to say but I will elaborate. What really makes for a good caddie…is having a good player.

Harry: You started as a tester I believe. Did you not?
Luke: That was the job when I had it that people would say, “really? You get paid to hit golf balls? That’s your job? You test golf clubs?” So I’d always make it seem like that was all I had to do and that it was all fun and games.

Nick: Okay Luke I’m gonna put you on the spot…Has anyone sat down and added up all the variables (in regards to all the different combinations a Big Bertha driver can be adjusted)?
Luke: Yeah, we did do that. [Starts doing math aloud] There’s eight hosel settings, times two Gravity Cores is 16…
Harry [jumps in]: 97 million. Hundreds…
Nick: I told you I was gonna put you on the spot.

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