They Said It: Quotables from Solid 35 (Episode 6)


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Callaway Media Productions’ most recent Solid 35 podcast featured hosts Harry Arnett (@HarryArnettCG) and Nick Raffaele (@NickRaffaeleCG) chatting about all things Pinehurst No. 2 with Mike Hicks (Payne Stewart’s longtime caddie), and to Callaway’s own Rhiona Sullivan (Advertising & Media Manager) about how cool her job is.

Below are some of our favorite quotes and where you can jump to find them on the podcast. But in the words of Rhiona, you should totally check out the whole thing.

Harry: I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear you talk to people over in Wentworth (England), that would’ve been funny.
Nick: Actually I get along with them better. Because they don’t understand Americans and then I tell them I’m not American, I’m Texan, and that kind of throws ’em for a loop.
Harry: I’m sure they have no idea what to make of you.

Harry: Nick was the one who brought this idea to us, and it was an awesome idea, we’re gonna talk to Mike Hicks today…And we also have a special treat, in addition to Mike, Rhiona Sullivan is going to be a guest today.
Nick: You know, that’s the reason I wore the boots.

Hicks, on the biggest differences with the game today: The guys were more swingers of the club years ago, where rhythm was a key component of a good golf swing, whereas kids today are just full bore…there are no more soft 6-irons or a soft 7-iron, it’s bash the seven or bash the eight.

Hicks, on the final round in ’99: I knew Payne wasn’t showing any emotion, which as a caddie is my job to be on the same wavelength that he’s on. He’s not showing any emotion, I can’t show any emotion. But now with everything going on, I wanted to jump out of my skin. But because he’s not showing any fire and just staying on an even keel basis, I had to do the same.

Hicks: I had never sat down and watched the entire telecast (of the ’99 U.S. Open). I was in Dallas and I was staying with Payne’s roommate, Lamar Haynes, and we’re flipping around, channel surfing and boom there it was and he said let’s watch it…And I couldn’t believe the focus and determination that Payne had that day. I mean, I didn’t realize he had gotten to that level of concentration until I watched that replay. And It was astounding really. I’ve never seen him that focused and that determined.

Hicks: That’s what I’m trying to teach junior golfers that are aspiring to be professionals, to teach ’em what it takes and what they need to work on to reach their goals. It’s pretty much teaching them how to caddie for themselves…
Harry: I can use a pretty good self caddie myself Nick.
Nick: We have one serious flaw here…we don’t know our limitations.

Hicks, on the ’14 setup at Pinehurst: It really looks like you’re in Scotland. It’s gonna be a wild U.S. Open. If you miss the fairway, you’re gonna wish you were in rough.

Harry: Why don’t you explain to us in your words what you do around here?
Rhiona: So what do I do around here? I pretty much sit on my computer all day and play on Twitter.

Harry: Which guys are riots to hang out with?
Rhiona: Matt Every is awesome, he’s got a great personality. Freddie Jac(obsen) is by far one of my favorites. Stuart Appleby is hilarious. Stenson, who I just met in Orlando, wow, I would’ve never thought he had the personality that he has…he’s so fun.

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