To succeed in today’s world, you have to be fast. If aren’t fast you lose time, you lose your edge, and if you’re a golfer you lose distance. Callaway’s new XR driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons are designed to make your ball go faster, and when your ball goes faster it goes longer. The XR driver can increase your ball speed by up to five miles per hour for more distance off the tee. XR fairway woods and hybrids deliver faster ball speed across more of the face, for more consistent distance. XR irons deliver more speed across the entire face to make you up to two clubs longer. Sound outrageous? It is, because we created XR equipment to promote outrageous speed. XR speed comes from a series of innovations developed to boost the speed at which the ball screams off the face of every XR club, like a turbocharger boosts the speed of a sportscar when you punch the gas pedal. The XR driver features our new Speed Step Crown to make the head faster and R•MOTO Technology to make the face faster. We’ve taken the same Cup 360 Face Technology that fuels the renowned distance of Callaway fairway woods and put it into XR irons. The key takeaway here is that XR equipment can help you unlock speed and distance that’s both immediate and game-changing. Don’t believe technology can make you faster? Look how fast the XR Reader helped you read this. That’s what XR will do for your swing speed and ball speed to promote more yardage with every club. Outrageous.