5 Things We Learned About Arnold Palmer In Our Callaway Talks Series

Jeff Newton

We just released an exclusive interview series this week with Mr. Arnold Palmer (you can watch it on our new Callaway page dedicated to The King). Here now are 5 things we learned from talking to the legend.

1. He changed his game plan at Augusta – He’s got four of those iconic jackets in his closet, but skeptics thought that he hit the ball too low and on too straight a line to ever win the major down in Georgia. Arnold said it was all about putting the ball in the right position to get the right angle into the green.

2. Hitting one of the opening tee shots at Augusta is even cooler than you think it is – As Mr. Palmer explains, being a part of all the things that have happened at that course are extremely important. Just playing there is part of the pride of playing the game of golf.

3. He’s still a golfer at heart – Mr. Palmer admitted to us that, yes, it is a little more difficult playing the game at 84-years-old, but he’s still looking to improve, trying to find that secret to playing well, and for the Big Bertha to give him that extra distance he needs (those are his words).

4. He’s always been passionate about golf equipment – Here’s a little sample of what he said: “It was very technical. Straight lines, lining the club to hit it on the line you want, the way the shape of the head matures and goes into the golf ball is very, very important. And I still do the same thing.” There you have it. The man likes to talk equipment.

5. You don’t need call him The King – As Mr. Palmer says, “Well, I usually object to that but since it’s Callaway, I’ll allow it this time.” He’s the best.

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