6 Things You Need To Know About Epic Star

Jeff Newton

We’ve just announced the new Epic Star family of drivers, fairway woods, irons, and hybrids. This is a unique and limited product line for us, and if you have questions we’re here to help.

Here are six things to know about Epic Star.

1) If you had to describe this family in one sentence, what would you say?

Epic Star delivers the performance and distance you expect from Epic in an ultra-premium lightweight package.

2) So is this a new generation of Epic drivers?

The short answer is: no. This isn’t an advanced version or a next generation of GBB Epic, but rather an additional flavor of Epic. Epic Star took off in Japan earlier this year and we wanted to offer it to golfers in the states who needed a premium, lightweight option.

It’s engineered to further enhance speed and power for players (particularly with lower swing speeds) who want the highest level of quality and performance.

Pre-sale: 9/22 | Available at retail: 9/29

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3) How is the Epic Star Driver similar to GBB Epic?

They both feature core distance technologies that have helped make GBB Epic the #1 selling driver in 2017. This includes:

– Our groundbreaking Jailbreak Technology that radically changes how the head behaves at impact. It promotes more ball speed across a larger area of the face for increased distance.

– An ultra-light Triaxial Carbon crown and Exo-Cage construction for maximum forgiveness

– Industry-leading aerodynamics with our proprietary Speed Step

4) How is the Epic Star Driver different than the GBB Epic Driver?

The ultra-lightweight design is specifically suited to help players with slower swing speeds that want to further increase their swing speed and distance. Below are the premium, ultra-light components that help define Epic Star:

– 286 gram total weight (Callaway’s lightest driver ever)

– 39-gram Mitsubishi Grand Bassara shaft (the first sub-40 gram shaft in a Callaway driver)

– Tour-proven, 41-gram Golf Pride J200 grip (25% lighter than the Golf Pride Multi-compound grip)

– 11-gram sliding Adjustable Perimeter Weight (6 grams lighter than GBB Epic)

– Fixed, lightweight hosel (7 grams lighter than our OptiFit hosel)

5) Ultra-premium and ultra-lightweight applies to the rest of the Epic Star family, correct?

Absolutely. For the fairway woods, hybrids, and irons, our world-class R&D team focused on implementing high-end, ultra-lightweight components to benefit lower swing speed players.

And with our performance-enhancing technologies that have helped make us the #1 fairway wood, #1 hybrid, and #1 iron brand in golf this year, you have quite the distance package.

6) If Epic Star is a good fit for me, what can I expect?  

You’re going to get easy speed, distance, accuracy and playability from tee to green.

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