SOLD: Tour Limited “Football is Back” Wedges

Amanda Balionis

As part of Callaway Customs, we’re giving golfers an additional option called Tour Limited.

Every month, our expert wedge craftsman Anthony Taranto will design and produce a set of three unique wedges that will be available for purchase with proceeds going to charity. To give everyone a fair shot, we’re blind auctioning them away.

This month’s theme is one that we have been waiting on for a long time…“Football is BACK!” All three wedges have an amazing football theme to keep your excitement about fall going on the golf course, and keep the memory alive when this season comes to an end. All of the proceeds (minus tax and supplies) will go to Marc (Callaway Staffer and winner of the 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational) and Audrey Leishman’s charity, The Begin Again Foundation.

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Inspired by Audrey’s near death experience from sepsis in April 2015, the Begin Again Foundation was born out of a fiery passion for helping others. The foundation works to bring life’s most pressing needs to families experiencing medical and life crises. September is National Sepsis Awareness Month, and the money raised from these wedges will help a family who desperately needs help in the darkest time.

You will have until Friday Sept. 22, 2017 (3 p.m. EST) to place your bid.


More details on the wedges below:

– 3 right-handed Callaway MD3 Milled wedges in 52°, 56°, & 60° lofts (all C-Grind).

– Custom sand-blasted soles with the terms “Touchdown,” “Pay Dirt,” “De-Fense.”

– Black paint-fill in the weight ports.

– KBS Tour Custom Series Shafts (2 black, 1 white).

– One-of-a-kind grey SuperStroke S-Tech grips.


Watch below as Taranto takes your through his process:

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