Interview With Golf Course Architect Tom Fazio (Part 1)

Jeff Newton & AJ Voelpel

August 7, 2013

Interview with Tom Fazio (Part 1)

If there’s a list of the top golf course designers, Tom Fazio’s name has to be near or at number one. We’re proud to have Mr. Fazio on the Callaway Talks Podcast to discuss his approach to designing courses, where he gets his inspiration, and how he grew up in the business.

Tom’s story is a fascinating one and probably not what you’d expect. From his early days working maintenance for his uncle, to his involvement in building some of the best courses in the world while keeping family first above everything, Mr. Fazio gives us his perspective on golf courses and the people who play them.

Part 2 of our interview will air Wednesday, August 14th.

The views expressed by Mr. Fazio are those of Mr. Fazio and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of Callaway Golf.

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