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Epic Speed "LD Spec" Drivers

From $ 529.99 $ 529.99

Epic Speed "LD Spec" Drivers

From $ 529.99 $ 529.99
From $ 529.99 $ 529.99

Epic Speed "LD Spec" Drivers - Featured

Framing The Future Of Speed

The Epic Speed “LD Spec” Driver is a new spec package to promote maximum distance off the tee. This configuration combines the Advanced Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame technology from the Epic Speed Driver with a 47” shaft, lighter interchangeable weights, and a strong OptiFit Cog. This spec offering is designed to help you swing the club faster, launch the ball higher, and hit your drives farther than ever before.

Optifit Strong Cog

Features & Benefits

47” Length Shaft

  • A longer 47” shaft helps the player generate more club head speed. Longer length shafts can be used in all Callaway Driver Heads. Custom builds are available from 46”-48”.

Strong OptiFit Hosel

  • A strong cog allows player to chooses from -2°, -1°, STD, +1° loft settings.

Lighter Interchangeable Head Weights

  • Lighter interchangeable head weights are stock to help dial in the proper swing weight.

Fitting Guidelines

Most players opt to play one loft degree stronger vs. their current driver.

  • Longer shafts typically increase launch angle
  • Strong cog will allow the player to reduce loft by up to 2°

Many players choose a shaft that’s about ~10 grams lighter than their standard-length driver.

Most players choose the same shaft flex as their standard-length driver.

Longer shaft configuration will result in heavier stock swingweights.

  • Lighter interchangeable weights help, and you should expect the swing weights to be heavier than in a standard-length driver

"The longer driver shaft is all about speed. The longer the shaft, the more time you have to maximize speed at impact. I go to the limit of what I can handle, and from there, try to hit it as hard as I can."

- Dylan Frittelli

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