Trade Rules

Determine if your clubs are eligible for trade.

All products must be in good working order. Clubs with any of the following characteristics WILL NOT be accepted:

  • Broken clubs
  • Clubs that rattle
  • Dented clubheads or rock-gouged irons
  • Any non-factory alterations (other than grips)

A trade will only be accepted toward new Callaway Golf equipment of equal or greater value. No refunds or credits will be issued for amounts over the purchase price.

All trading card prices are subject to change; please confirm your trade value immediately before conducting your transaction.

YOU MAY TRADE your used golf equipment for new Callaway Golf equipment through any authorized Callaway Golf retailers who are participating in the Trade In! Trade Up! Program. You may want to contact your local retailers prior to your purchase to determine if they are participating in the program.

If you do not find your club listed on the Trading Card, we may not be currently accepting trades on that club. Please call: 1-877-723-5218 or 800.228.2767 ext 4020 to find out.

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned and all participating retailers reserve the right to refuse ANY club deemed unacceptable.

Iron sets must consist of at least seven consecutive clubs. Acceptable set compositions include: 3-PW; 3-PW, SW; 4-PW; 4-PW, SW; and 5-PW, SW. Seven-club sets will be priced at 7/8ths of the trade value. All other individual or complementary iron and wedge prices are determined by the set price divided by ten (10). Example: If the "matched" eight-club set price is $300, eight mismatched clubs would be valued at $30 each - or $240 for the mismatched set.

Callaway Pre-Owned will not accept individual 5- and 6-irons on trade.

Maximum trade value of $2,500 per calendar year per customer or household.

Upon receipt, inspection and approval of your trade, the participating retailer will subtract the trade value for your clubs from the selling price of the new Callaway Golf equipment to be purchased. If there are any questions or adjustments to be made, your retailer will discuss them with you before accepting the trade.

International Customers
The Trade In! Trade Up! Program through is not currently available to international customers. Any trades sent to Callaway Golf Pre-Owned from outside the United States or Canada will be returned to the sender at the sender's expense. Callaway Golf Pre-Owned is not responsible for shipping charges, non-delivery or damage to trade items during shipment.

If you have questions about the condition of your club, please call 1-877-723-5218 or visit your local Callaway Golf Retailer for details.