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Environmental, Health and Safety Responsibility

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Callaway is committed to conducting its business in a sustainable, safe and compliant manner. We value the environment and the health and safety of the individuals that make and use our product. We promote a safe and healthy environment by providing leadership, establishing policies, setting expectations and validating progress throughout our Company and Supply Chain.
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Environmental, Health and Safety Leadership

Callaway maintains its Environmental, Health and Safety policies, procedures, safety aids and related forms in our Enterprise Level Document Management Center.

Callaway’s commitment to implementing Environmental, Health and Safety standards internationally is aligned with Callaway’s core value to always act with integrity and respect. Callaway is committed to working with our suppliers and licensees to meet ensure compliance with our policies and applicable law. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth the standards Callaway expects each supplier to meet. Our licensee agreements establish additional standards of licensee conduct.

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Product Compliance

The Company strives to ensure that products comply with applicable laws and regulations through education, testing, certifications, and audits.

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