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HEX Tour Soft Golf Balls

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HEX Tour Soft Golf Balls

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Long off the tee, with great control and soft feel.

The HEX Soft Tour Golf Ball is designed for more distance, and more spin and control around the green. With great core technology that leads to longer, straighter shots especially off the driver, and a soft cover for feel and consistent performance on your irons and wedges, this is a ball that’s going to help you play well from tee-to-green.

Features & Benefits

Introducing Hex Tour Soft Golf Balls illustration

Introducing Hex Tour Soft Golf Balls

Features &

  • Longer Off The Tee
    HEX Tour Soft is engineered with core technology that improves spin separation, so you can hit longer, straighter shots. And off the driver, it activates a high-resiliency cover for more distance and accuracy to hit the fairway.
  • More Spin and Control Around The Green
    The improved cover creates green-grabbing control so that your shots around the green stop quickly, with great performance to help you get up-and-down on chips and pitch shots.
  • Soft Feel
    The soft cover and low compression provide great feel off of every shot.

Product Specs