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Chrome Soft X LS Custom Logo Golf Balls

From $ 53.99 $ 53.99

  • 3X Rewards Points

Chrome Soft X LS Custom Logo Golf Balls

From $ 53.99 $ 53.99

  • 3X Rewards Points
From $ 53.99 $ 53.99

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Chrome Soft X LS Custom Logo Golf Balls
Chrome Soft X LS Custom Logo Golf Balls - Featured

Better For The Best. Better For Everyone.

Chrome Soft is better for everyone, from amateurs to major winners. Now with our proprietary new Precision Technology, the Chrome Soft X LS Golf Ball is faster off the driver with a new cover for more greenside control. Now you can prominently feature your corporate logo on Callaway Custom Golf Balls.

Introducing 2022 Chrome Soft X LS illustration

Introducing 2022 Chrome Soft X LS

  • Precision Technology
    New Precision Technology delivers our tightest dispersion, consistently fast ball speeds and total performance. We’ve enhanced every component and design feature to create the highest quality golf balls.
  • Construction Optimization
    New Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core for Tour level speed, spin, and control through the bag.
  • New Tour Aero
    Consistent ball flight at every condition with our Tour Aero design.
  • What makes Chrome Soft X LS Unique and Who’s It For?

    Chrome Soft X LS 22 is designed for max distance in a fine-tuned lower spin profile. It’s especially suited for better players who want to “bomb it” off the tee, with a tremendous combination of long distance and a straight ball flight. Key performance characteristics include very fast ball speed off the tee, penetrating long iron shots, straight ball flight, and excellent greenside control.

Golf Ball Performance Overview

  Driver Iron Wedges  
Chrome Soft Logo Fast Highest Low High Slightly Lower High Higher Higher Straight Soft
Chrome Soft X Logo Fastest High Low-Mid Mid Mid Highest Highest Mid-High Workable Medium
Chrome Soft X LS Logo Fastest Higher Low Mid-High Slightly Lower High High High Straight Medium
Chrome Soft X Logo Fast Highest Lowest Highest Lowest Mid-High Mid Highest Straightest Soft

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