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JAWS MD5 Callaway Customs Wedges

From $ 999.99 $ 999.99
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JAWS MD5 Callaway Customs Wedges

From $ 999.99 $ 999.99
From $ 999.99 $ 999.99
JAWS MD5 Callaway Customs Wedges - Featured

Spin with Teeth
The Most Aggressive Groove In Golf

JAWS MD5 Wedges are crafted by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland with total performance: premium shapes, striking finishes, outstanding feel, unique versatility and exceptional spin.


Features & Benefits

Introducing JAWS MD5 Custom Wedges illustration

Introducing JAWS MD5 Custom Wedges

Features & Benefits

  • Precisely Shaped for A Beautiful Look and Extraordinary Feel from 8620 Mild Carbon Steel
    Shaped by Roger Cleveland, these premium heads exude quality and superiority from every angle, while also delivering a soft and satisfying feel no other wedge can match. Two high-end finish options: Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey.
  • Callaway’s Most Comprehensive Wedge Line-up
    JAWS MD5 wedges come in 23 different loft/bounce combinations with 5 distinct grind options: C-Grind and New Low Bounce W-Grind feature 8º of bounce. The S-Grind features 10º of bounce and X-Grind and W-Grind feature 12º of bounce. Also available in women’s specific models: 52º, 56º and 60º all in the W-Grind.
  • Optimized Head Progression
    Head shaping progresses from traditional shaped lob and sand wedges to a compact player preferred design in the gap and pitching wedges for a seamless transition into an iron set.
  • Premium Components for Premium Performance
    Men’s: True Temper Tour Issue 115 (steel) and Project X Catalyst 80 (graphite); Callaway Universal grip in Grey/Black. Women’s: UST Recoil Wedge shaft (graphite): Lamkin Comfort grip in black/blue.
  • Change to JAWS MD5 Groove Microfeatures
    After testing Offset Groove-In-Groove technology on JAWS wedges, we’ve made a running change to the microfeatures on the JAWS MD5 face. This new microfeature is similar to what is used on the PM Grind wedge and through testing we found that it adds spin on partial shots and shots around the green. The main groove will continue to be the JAWS groove. All future JAWS MD5 wedges will use the new offset Groove-In-Groove.


Product Specs


Hand-Crafted Grinds:

Jaws C-Gind Wedges


Increased relief on the heel and toe area, making it easier to play a wider variety of shots with an open face. 8° bounce.

Condition Type: Firm
Swing/Divot Type: Sweeper/ Shallow Divot
Lofts: 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°

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Jaws L-W-Grind Wedges

Low Bounce W-GRIND

Tapered from heel to toe the sole is wider in the mid-section with added heel relief. 8° bounce.

Condition Type: Soft, Medium
Swing/Divot Type: Sweeper/ Moderate Divot
Lofts: 58°, 60°

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Jaws S-Gind Wedges


Medium-width sole with slight ribbon at the back and moderate heel relief to keep the leading edge low through impact. The most popular grind option for a wide variety of conditions and swing types. 10 ° bounce.

Condition Type: Soft, Medium, Firm
Swing/Divot Type: All Swings/ Moderate Divot
Lofts: 46°, 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 64°

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Jaws X-Grind Wedges


Features a narrow, high-bounce crescent sole, with the low point near the front. 12° bounce.

Condition Type: Soft, Medium
Swing/Divot Type: Steep/ Large Divot
Lofts: 58°, 60°

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Jaws W-Gind Wedges


Wider center and toe area on the sole with moderate heel relief and generous front-to-back camber prevents digging without increasing bounce. 12° bounce.

Condition Type: Soft
Swing/Divot Type: Steep/ Large Divot
Lofts: 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°

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Jaws C-Gind Wedges
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