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Different types of driver golf clubs

The different types of drivers available on the market to choose from are expansive.

Game improvement drivers

Game improvement drivers are a common type of driver and offer a great balance of performance and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for the majority of golfers.

Adjustable Drivers

Adjustable drivers allow for a range of different settings and can be adjusted to fit different swings. 90% of the new drivers on the market today are adjustable in some way, shape or form, so do not miss out on the ability to adjust on the fly.

Draw-Biased Drivers (Anti-Slice)

Draw-biased drivers can aid golfers fight the "slice" (strong left to right ball flight for right handed golfers) and help them improve accuracy and control. These "anti-slice" drivers come with a noticeable draw-bias which helps the golfer straighten out the flight or even turn that slice into a tight draw.

Tour Preferred Drivers

Compared to standard models, Tour preferred drivers typically vary in size and loft to assist the adept golfer and meet their enhanced demands. The tour preferred driver club head itself is usually a bit smaller and the golf club is designed to let the golfer work the ball both ways. Draw bias will not exist and lofts will typically be set lower.

Things to consider when purchasing a driver


Driver lofts are a key factor to consider when shopping for a driver. The loft of the club head will affect the angle and trajectory of the ball, so it is important to choose wisely. Generally, lower lofts (8-9.5 degrees) create a lower ball flight with more roll out, while higher lofts (10-12 degrees) generate more spin and less release.

Shaft Flex

The type of shaft used in a driver can greatly affect the feel and performance of the club. Regular flex shafts are lighter and more flexible, offering precise control for average swing speeds. Stiff flex and extra stiff (XStiff) shafts are less flexible and provide more stability for faster swing speeds. Assessing what flex works best for your swing speed will define efficiency when it comes to energy transfer from your body into the ball.

Shaft Length

The length of your driver can have a significant impact on the accuracy and power of your shots. A longer driver shaft might sacrifice stability and control, but will allow for more speed generation leading to greater distance off the tee, while a shorter driver allows you to stand closer to the ball and could help with center of the face contact. Choosing the right length is key in order to maximize performance.


Buying a driver within an appropriate budget will ensure maximum value when making such an investment. Reputable retailers and fitters can get you dialed in with the best club within your price range. When budgeting for a driver, it's essential to factor in the cost of customizing and fitting the club to achieve optimal results. 

Driver customization options

When customizing a driver, it is important to take into account the many factors that influence ball flight. From the shaft flex, to the weight and loft of the club head, customizing a driver to your unique swing can help you find your highest level of performance. If you're considering customizing a driver, be sure to use a launch monitor or other custom fitting software. All reputable fitting facilities should have these options. This can help you find the best settings for desired ball flight and spin rate, leading to improved accuracy and distance with each and every tee shot. With a ton of custom driver components available, you have plenty of options when selecting and buying. Knowledgeable experts can provide guidance throughout the process so that you get maximum benefit out of customization. 

How to buy the right driver for you

Shopping for drivers can be an intimidating process with many factors at play. It is essential to understand how different materials and elements can impact your game. Ultimately, how successful the purchase ends up depends not only on how informed you are, but also how honest you are with yourself in exploring what works best with your golfing abilities.

Now that you've learned about what goes into buying a driver golf club and the decisions that are in play, it's time to pick the one that's best for you. 

Whether you're looking to buy a new or pre-owned driver , Callaway offers a wide selection of golf clubs, guaranteed to fit any play style. For more help, check out our online driver selector tool for expert recommendations to improve your game.