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The enhancement of every component, process, and measure. Precision Technology creates proprietary precision design techniques and manufacturing specifications up to 1/1000th of an inch. This allows us to deliver our tightest dispersion, fastest speeds, and unparalleled distance and control from every Chrome Soft ball.

Digital 3-D X-Ray

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Core Molding

Ever wonder what’s at the core of your golf ball? Join us (plus a few robots) for a glimpse into just how accurate Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are made from the inside out. Check It Out
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Lastly, we inspect the Chrome Soft golf balls using high resolution cameras. Watch as the balls move along the processing line to become the ball in your bag. Check It Out

We at Callaway are so excited about Precision Technology. It’s truly revolutionized the way golf balls are manufactured (and inspected), and allows us to produce the most consistent, highest performing product possible.

Norm Smith, VP, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Quality