X2 Hot Deep Fairway Woods

With the X2 Hot Deep Fairway Woods, we’re raising the performance bar on the deeper face and Tour inspired shape, and we’ve extended our lineup to provide more game changing distance to choose from. Have fun.

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2014 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal

“With the thin cupface design, Callaway is incorporating more driver-like face properties into a fairway wood.” - Golf Digest

Deeper Face and Tour Inspired Shape

After all the incredible success that X Hot 3Deep had in 2013 ( remember Phil’s major win?), we had to go, well, even deeper this time around. That means a deeper face that Tour players prefer to create penetrating flight for more distance. That’s why it’s such a go to club for our Staff Pros.

Hyper Speed Face Cup

We made it thinner, lighter and more robust. It’s how the Hyper Speed Face Cup delivers faster ball speeds with more distance to make these clubs even longer. Yes, you read that correctly. Longer.

Improved Internal Standing Wave

The CG is precisely located, and because of that you’ll get more consistent launch and spin across the entire face. That leads to longer shots more frequently, which leads to you having more fun, which then leads to you playing more golf. You like more golf. We like more golf.

Improved Modern Warbird Sole Design

This is our best and most versatile sole design and it makes the X2 Hot Deep Fairway easier to hit from every lie. And isn’t that what a great fairway wood should do? We think so.

Aldila Tour Green Shaft

This premium shaft offering delivers excellent feel and control. It’s built to optimize launch conditions too.


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X2 Hot Deep Fairway Woods 4.3 5 16 16
Callaway X2 Hot 5 Deep To be honest I was talking with a friend about this new deep series. I'm more of a Driver, 3 Wood kind of guy, after I hit the 5 Deep a few times, I changed my whole opinion. With the new 5 Deep I'm getting about 250-260 carry and 275-285 total!! Isn't that just insane with a 5 Wood!!! So needless to say I feel in love with it and at those distances I will never need a 3 Wood now! I mean really the 5 Deep is what any golfer would want. You can hit it high and land soft, hit low stingers with it, hit it off the deck, off the tee, I mean whatever you want, you can do with it! April 30, 2014
Compared it to the taylormade mini-driver before purchase Face size of both clubs very equal. 3 deep (14) went straighter and further both off the tee and an uphill lie off the deck. Easier to swing as the mini-driver's club head swung "heavy". Used the 3 deep for 2 rounds and love the accuracy off the tee on 200yard+ par 3's and tight drives on short par 4's. April 27, 2014
Off the rack, no tweaks needed... Bought it off the rack. Hit several shots with it at the range, before heading to the course with it. Match play tourney. Used off the the tee for 8 out of 14 holes. Won match 5 and 4. +2 my own ball, great club. Part II today. June 8, 2014
What a missle launcher Ball comes of hot and straight to slight draw. Ball flight has a boring ball flight and long. Just seems to find the fairway with ease. Easily out performs my driver of a different brand. I am thinking about this Aldila green tour shaft for my x hot 5 wood. I will also be looking at the new X2 hot Driver as well. I just don't remember a single club improving my game so much or cause so much excitement to get back to the course. If you don't give this club a test drive you are missing out. June 7, 2014
Who needs a driver now? Easy to hit, great price value. The leader of the pack! April 10, 2014
I gotten a lot of the distance I lost over the last couple of year back! Received my X2 Hot 2 Deep 12.5 with the Oban Devotion 6 in a 04 Flex a few weeks ago and decided to wait till I played it quite a few times before writing the review and all I can still say is WOW! The first shot with it on course didn't come until #9, a 350yd par 4 fronted by water at about 240 out depending on pin placement. I normally hit my old Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 13* wood and would be 5-15 yds short of the water depending on how good I hit it, well I pulled out the 2 Deep and popped a good one(not great, just a good one) and flew it into the pond! I went to my bag to get an older ball(don't like losing the good ones) and tee'd it up and miss hit it a bit towards the toe and it hit 5-7yds short of the pond and one hopped into it. The club is GREAT off of the tee, a mid flighted bomber that fires rockets down the fairway, but I'm still having a little bit of a time getting it up off of the deck but it's gotten a lot better the more I hit it than it was to start with and even the shots I don't get up rocket off of the face and scream 15'-20' off of the ground and still go 215-220 and then get another 20-30 yds of roll. I'm a changed man after going with all Callaway (Razr Fit Extreme Driver X2 Hot Deep 12.5* 3 wood and 16.5* 4 wood) woods after using TaylorMade for 10 years. I found out the Taylormade's were punishing me on my miss hits and I'd be 5-15yds off of the fairway, but with the Callaways' I'm still in the fairway or the first cut. What a grea line of clubs Callaway has been coming out with the last few years and now I'm a Callaway fan for life! KUDO'S CALLAWAY, GREAT JOB!!! BTW I was a 15-16 handicap and I'm now just slighty over a 10 and getting ready to move to single digit. And everyone of those 5-6 strokes I took off of my handicap I credit to the Callaway woods I added to my bag starting this year. August 2, 2014
Not for average golfers Currently, I use Callaway, irons, driver and woods, I have purchased this one based on reviews as well as i was using x hot 3 wood (last year version). This is club is only for the teebox. NOT for the fairway. Goes left too much. 85% time miss hits. No wonder this is selling with reduced price. I think this is NOT the right fit for regular golfers. Finally I have exchanged with regular x hot 2 3 wood. That is slightly goes right, I think I can correct that in the future. July 21, 2014
Good driver replacement option I purchased the X2Hot 2 Deep as a driver replacement option for when I play tighter courses. While it offers a decent amount of forgiveness this club is LONG. My first round out with it I was paired up with a guy who was hammering his driver. On average I was only 10-15 yards behind him and on several holes I was right by his ball. I opted for the Aldila Tour Blue shaft to get a higher trajectory compared to the Tour Green, but the ball flight with this club is still a bit lower than I'd prefer. That said, it's still a really solid option when I don't need to carry driver and it's nice knowing that I'm not sacrificing much distance off the tee box. July 8, 2014
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