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FT Optiforce 460cc Drivers

Fast Is Longer Than Slow.


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FT Optiforce 460cc Drivers 4.8 5 17 17
slow swing speeds, rejoice. at 85 mph driver swing speed, the optiforce has added 10-15 yards to drives. just spend enough time fooling around with the adjustment ranges. waiting for the expanded line --how light can you go? August 21, 2013
Best Driver on Market I have played 2 rounds with the FT and it added 20 yards to my drives. TY Callaway! July 18, 2013
Great Club (440 W Diamana S+) I really like this driver. I have only demoed it twice at the PGA Superstore since I am trying to find a driver to replace my worn Razr Fit Xtreme. I am a pretty high spin player and this driver in the Blue Board option (Diamana S+) is really good for me. It lowered my spin by 500 RPMS and I gained 8 mph in ball speed. This driver is so easy to hit its crazy. The only downfall is that the shafts options are way to long. Every company is advocating distance and by doing that they are lengthening shafts yet our accuracy is being tampered with. When I order my FT I will have it cut 1 inch from the butt end to make it a 45 inch shaft. Even then, that is probably a long shaft even for tour standards. Overall, I highly recommend everyone try this awesome club as it really does add ball speed and increase swing speed. Go Callaway! August 31, 2013
FT Optiforce - Winner I bought the FT Optiforce 460 Regular flex driver yesterday afternoon. Went to the course and played it without any practice. It is awesome, straight and long. It is replacing a very nice X Hot 10.5 driver that I like. It is now my backup driver. Way to go Callaway, a real quality driver. July 13, 2013
15 yards farther I am a 14 year old and I had a titleist 910 d2 with a 50 gram regular flex shaft. My dad purchased the 460 model with the 43 gram 5.5 flex shaft. The driver is 15 yards farther and feels really solid. I had to crank down the driver to the 9.5 degree setting. It launches higher than the 910 d2. It has a traditionally shape head and has a rounded deep face. September 28, 2013
Just an average driver I have the 440 cc and its a nice looking driver, but as for any extra distance, I just don't see it. August 18, 2013
What an upgrade!!! At the end of last season, I purchased the Razr Fit (2012 model) with the Aldila RIP stiff shaft. Liked it, but was ballooning alot and disliked the sound. Also it was hard to find the sweet spot on a bad day. After half a year with that club, switched to the fit Xtreme. Bigger fan of that club, fixed ballooning issues and sounded better. Still a bit tough to find the sweet spot. Gained a few yards over my Razr Fit. Just yesterday I received my 440 FT Optiforce w Stiff Project X 6.0 shaft , and after a few holes of getting used to the longer shaft, WOW!!! Sound is much improved compared to the Razr Fit and Fit Xtreme. Ball speed is better, and it is slightly more forgiving than the Fit Xtreme. Also, between the longer shaft, the lighter configuration and the most aerodynamic head on the market, I have picked up about 4 MPH of club head speed. Working at a golf store part time, I can tell you this increase is almost unheard of. A+ on this one Callaway, I can honestly say my averge drive after 9 holes of play was carrying about 10-15 yards farther and I haven't lost a bit of roll. September 11, 2013
Delivers the flight pattern and distance I was seeking. My normal ball flight is naturally high, based on my swing. I felt that I was losing 20-30 yards distance with my 9.5 degree. After adjusting my driver to 9.0 and neutral pattern, I have found my 30 yards !!!! August 28, 2013
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